The Ultimate Card that is a Gift by Itself

Check out a few of these examples

And picture the face you send us there in a high quality photo.
IT'S REALLY YOU THERE !!! Pictures don't lie.
Use any of these or suggest one and we'll see what we can do

More examples will be added so stay in touch

See our

Oval Office White House series below, or maybe the The New Clinton Dictionary?

More to come

It might pay to download and use suitable graphics to view.
(these examples are not photo quality)

  1. Mona Who?
  2. The Gnome
  3. The Fish that didn't get away--just couldn't fit it in the car
  4. Another Fish
  5. Mommy guess where I went---?
  6. Oh you cute little astronaut--
  7. Strange things in space
  8. Money can't buy----
  9. Down on the farm
  10. H.G. pilot #1
  11. H.G. pilot---Mommy guess what----?
  12. P.G. pilot
  13. Bronco!!!!
  14. A lot of Bull
  15. The abused American Gothic (need 2 photos)
  16. That bond of Man and his Chicken----
  17. The Geisha girl
  18. The Warrior!!
  19. A meaner warrior
  20. White Water!!
  21. Airline pilot--need side/profile view
  22. St.???? the Dragon Slayer
  23. Horse Show
  24. Let your hair down!!!
  25. Surfer
  26. Race Car
  27. The Pioneers (need 2 photos)
  28. The Book of love (need 2 photos
  29. Bear with it
    The White House, Oval Office series
  30. The Oval Office---Billy where are you?
  31. "No Monica, I said the pencil!!">
  32. "Hey Al, is that you?"
  33. You send us a suggestion

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