Now offering a professional quality ink jet photo print paper

Double sided
160 g/sm - our caliper says 7.5 mil.
Water resistant: Pouring water on the paper after printing did not effect the print but the paper did warp
We tried with Canon, Epson and HP printers and aftermarket inks.
Available in 8.5"x11 and 11"x17"

Price:    Pricing on larger quantities of 10 pk. (500 sheets) or more, can reduce your cost per sheet dramatically.

Until we can get our PayPal shipping straightened out, you may save a significant amount in shipping, buying our paper from our Ebay listings and using their shipping options. Simply click on this link.
To order: Alegra Davidson Creation double sided photo paper

Prices of our Double sided photo paper effective 01/05/2016
Note: Shipping cost per sheet of the 11x17 drops dramatically with higher quantities.

1 Pk 50 sheets 8.5 x11 paper-------------------------------------- $20.00 plus shipping

2 pk 50 (100 sheets) 8.5x11 paper---------------------------------$31.00 plus shipping

10 pk. 50 (500 sheets) 8.5x11 paper -----------------------------$132.00 plus shipping.

1 pk. 50 sheets 11"x17" paper-------------------------------------- $ 27.50 plus shipping.

2 pk (100 sheets) 11x17 paper ------------------------------------- $44.00 plus shipping

10 pk. 50 (500 sheets) 11x17 paper ------------------------------ $165.00 plus shipping

To order: Alegra Davidson Creation double sided photo paper
Contact us for pricing on larger quantities.

Some of our own uses

For our calendar software, after much trying of various programs we picked Simply Calendars Skerryore Software's Simply Calendars
By the way, they tried our paper and like it See their forum.


Fine artwork in just about any medium
--And a host of other things--

The New Clinton Dictionary Custom Greeting Cards Hang Gliding Christmas Cards"

Personalized - Customized Greeting Cards:
Just e-mail (jpg) or mail your photo, pick or suggest a background, and a unique, personalized birthday (or whatever) card will be sent to you. To see a few of a virtually infinite variety of backgrounds
(download and use suitable graphics to view .jpg)

Alegra Davidson Creation Card samples

These quality cards are the

Perfect Gift

that lasts. Keep in touch for more samples and suggest some if you can.
$15 including shipping Also available: Oil paintings.(Low resolution .jpg example) Wood sculpture. Silver and mixed metal jewelry--silver, copper etc. etc. forged to create dynamic colors. Unique silver work such as our serpentine rings, bracelets, pendants---Examples Whatever your craftwork or fine art needs, we are here. ---Some FREE clip art on various subjects available--- To contact us---Alegra Davidson Creation Colebrook Stage Winsted, CT 06098 Tel (860) 379-1668 Fax (860) 738-3630
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